Lets see some pictures of the phone! These are not mine, i have posted the reference on the bottom of the page so anyone could have a look! Keep in mind that the battery you can see is the second battery, and the weird box is a charger for that battery!So you can charge one battery and use the other simultaneously!

SAM_0206 SAM_0205 SAM_0209 SAM_0210 SAM_0211 SAM_0213 SAM_0220

Photos by:hoanglangxm        http://www.tinhte.vn/threads/1181677/

PS:You can see a really detailed photo review and a comparison of the screen with other popular phones at the end of the article: http://www.woorikiri.com/996
Also there is a video with the whole phone package at the bottom of this page:


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